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Our Vision

To be ASEAN’s leading, responsible and globally-connected marketplace.

Our Mission

3. We foster sustainable development in the marketplace by promoting responsible growth, while facilitating fund raising, value and wealth creation for all.
1. We provide easy access to diversified, impactful products and services for global market participants.
2. We are a high-performance organisation with a data-driven culture fueled by innovation and technology, and powered by strategic partnerships.

Training and Development

The process of Training and Development is given a great emphasis in order to nurture and develop our human capital. We at Pan Asia Bank strongly believe that an investment made in developing our employees is an investment made towards the heightened growth of the Bank. In order to tap into and harness the competitive advantage in a dynamic environment, it is empirical that we continuously train and develop our human capital.

Our People

Pan Asia Bank acknowledges that our human capital as one of the greatest assets and it is the competence and the dynamism of our people that allow us to set better standards of excellence in serving our customers and stakeholders. Therefore, we take every opportunity to nurture and develop our staff to their full potential. The successful growth story of the Pan Asia Bank is fueled by our people who possess a great desire and a passion not just to perform, but to make a difference. Our people are our competitive advantage.
Working @ PABC

We’ve never been an ordinary company, nor an old-fashioned one. Our vision has always kept evolving to generate higher benchmarks, greater customer satisfaction and a deeper commitment to all we do. Our focus on keeping ourselves dynamic and adaptable has resulted in who we are today… an exceptionally successful dynamic corporate entity, as we keep improving quality, embedding and increasing our value each year. We are a corporate entity which engulfs the ‘customers, share holders and the employees’ as our value trinity, where we ensure that all three parties benefit in all our endeavors of which the employees are an integral link. Our employees are ensured of a professional, courteous, challenging and dynamic environment to fulfil their career aspirations where every day is a part of their learning curve as we re-write the history books on modern day banking, in Sri Lanka.